Today’s Big Intro to Trading Webinar Event

Today’s live webinar room was at capacity and we had many people who were trying to attend. We’re happy to have the first part of the recording ready for you. We saw many live signals and took requests to show the Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, etc. across various types of markets. Thank you to all who attended and for your great questions.

Right away, you can see the ATO 2 and the Trade Scalper running and producing signals. The Short signal you see belongs to the Trade Scalper software. As you can tell, the Short signal was a winner – price continued going lower.

Look at how the volatility spiked at market open, around 9:30 a.m. US/Eastern. The yellow/gold ATR (Average True Range) was at 2.25 points. We use this value to determine the profit target and stop loss for our various trading methods. We like to read the market, understand the price action, and adapt our approach using reasonable, real-time goals and risk management.

Stay tuned for the second portion, which we will post soon.

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Mentorship Includes:

  • 8 weeks of live training w/ a pro
  • On-demand video playback of recorded lessons
  • ATO (At the Open) 2 method/software
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  • Trade Scalper method/software
  • Atlas Line method/software
  • Roadmap method/software
  • ABC method/software
  • X-5 method/software
  • Blueprint method
  • News method
  • Yo-Yo method
  • Stair-Step method

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