Today’s Atlas Line Trade on the ES

Here’s today’s ES trade using the Atlas Line. A rather choppy period gave way to our Long order signal, produced automatically by the Atlas Line at 1327.25. With a direction and entry price, we immediately entered. Based on real-time market conditions, we knew exactly what our profit target and stop loss should be. John refers to three stop losses. Although it’s not possible to use all three at once, we have the remaining two in mind when necessary. Trade management is taught in the live training that’s included with purchase.

As price would have it, our target was quickly hit thus providing $750 using 10 ES contracts. When the ES is moving as slowly as it’s been the last couple of months, we have to be careful to avoid the chop and capitalize on those rare moments when price decides to make a run for it. After this initial trade, there are plenty more opportunities. If price continues upward, we can look for Pullback and Strength trades. If price decides to move downward and intersect the plotted Atlas Line, we would then switch to short trades. Always have a plan when you trade – don’t take trades on a whim! Let the Atlas Line guide your trading.

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