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Using Atlas Line & ATO 2 Together to Confirm Trades

Let’s see what happens when you combine the ATO 2 and the Atlas Line. When multiple methods confirm the same direction, some traders think that’s a good thing, and take trades they wouldn’t otherwise take or go for larger profits. Let’s see what happens to John Paul in this video… The Atlas Line software provided a short signal at 2548. By applying NinjaTrader’s Chart Trader, you can see exactly where the profit target and stops were placed. Notice the ATM Strategy in use (bottom of SuperDOM window), which applied the profit target and stop loss right when entering the trade....

Live Webinar – Learn a Free Trading Strategy!

Webinar: Free Price Action Strategy for 2015 When: Thursday, January 8, 2015 @ 5:00 p.m. EST (UTC-5) Click here to join the live webinar In this webinar, John Paul will show you a trading strategy for the new year that has an amazing track record. It’s entirely based on price action – you won’t need to download or buy any software. Learn the method from this webinar and then apply it to your charts immediately. In addition, you’ll get a peek at his other price action strategies. Start the new year off knowing where the market is likely to head!...

Multi-Market 2010 Recap Video

Two simple rules of the Atlas line are demonstrated: price trades above the Atlas Line = buy only, price trades below the Atlas Line = sell only. A four two five point trade with price below the line was possible. We check out a few more cases in other markets (Canadian Dollar, British Pound, etc.) where the Atlas Line leads to big point winners.