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5 Ways to Plan Your Trading Day in Advance

Planning ahead for the trading week is a very important, yet often overlooked trading task. Many traders guess if the conditions are suitable for trading instead of using objective rules. Professional traders of futures, forex, and stocks know better. Here are several ways to prepare: 1. Know the upcoming news events for the day and […]

Still Think You Can’t Trade the News? Watch What Happened When the New Fed Chair Yellen Spoke…

Click the image below for a larger chart Janet Yellen, the new Fed chairwoman, spoke on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 at 8:30 a.m. EST. When the Fed chair speaks, the market usually gets more volatile for several minutes. You can imagine how traders waited anxiously to see how her first public address would affect the […]

Trading News Events on Any Market

Download this News indicator for Ninja Trader and watch this a half hour presentation in which John Paul discusses the best way to approach news events. Most of us have left trades running, only to have our stop losses hit by sudden volatility caused by a news announcement. By monitoring the Bloomberg Economic Calendar, we […]

How to Trade the News – An Exact Method Every Trader Should Know

To access more free trading videos, please visit this page. What happens when a news event occurs? Do you try to avoid them or try to capitalize on the sudden volatility? In this video, John Paul delivers an exact trading method for making the most out of these unpredictable movements. Firstly, make sure you visit […]