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Recent Charts Reviewed: Atlas Line & Trade Scalper

Here are are few charts from the last few days. Each chart is linked to the corresponding page, so Atlas Line charts will go to the Atlas Line page and the Trade Scalper chart goes to the Trade Scalper page. The charts should be self-explanatory. But if you’re new to what we offer, the Trade […]

Scalp Trading – Price Action Made Quick & Easy

John Paul doesn’t waste any time in this video – we jump right into a quick scalp trade. To emphasize some of the important points he makes in the beginning, be sure to practice with a real-time paper trading simulator first, even if you have significant wealth at your disposal. If you don’t have simulator […]

Trade Smart: Use the Bar Timer When Scalping

Here’s a quick review of today’s Trade Scalper signals. We’re using the NinjaTrader 8 platform and a 1-Minute ES 12-20 (E-mini S&P 500) chart. Right away, you can see the many signals that occurred throughout the day. Everyone who uses the Trade Scalper has the exact same signals. >> Get the Trade Scalper Signals on […]