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2 Long Trades at Same Time: Adding Positions

If you enter a Long trade and you have another opportunity to go Long, such as another Long signal, what do you do? This video explains. To provide some background, we’re using NinjaTrader 8 and looking at an E-mini S&P 500 chart (ES 09-19). Get the Atlas Line and/or Trade Scalper We begin with a […]

Real-Time Atlas Line Trade: A Quick +2 Points

Want the ATO 2? Click here Want the Atlas Line? Click here Interested in getting a deal on both? We have a special sale going on right now for the ATO 2 and Atlas Line when purchased together. Contact us at support@daytradetowin.com for details. The Mentorship is also a great way to get all of […]

Three-Point Atlas Line Trade on E-mini S&P

» Get the Atlas Line « Here’s a live trade placed by John Paul on Monday, May 5, 2014. The dashed pink line is the Atlas Line. With two closing bars above the line, the Atlas Line signaled for a long trade. This trade occurred during a Mentorship lesson he was conducting with one of […]

Consistent Atlas Line E-Mini S&P Profits

Two charts, two consecutive days of E-Mini S&P day trading. Both days, Atlas Line™ users knew what the market was going to do AHEAD of everyone else, allowing them to place targets and beat the rush of orders. Remember to click on each image for a bigger version. November 18, 2010 November 19, 2010 Find […]