Stop Losses, Profit Targets and Live Charts

Recorded last week, John Paul pulls up his charts, shows off the Atlas Line and provides valuable information to beginner traders.

Here’s a list of the highlights:

– 2:00 – Why most indicators will not be helpful to your trading
– 6:00 – Three stop strategies we like to use
– 23:00 – Best markets of trade with Atlas Line and in general
– 24:00 – Atlas Line Strength and Pullback trades (note the actual techniques are taught in the client-only webinar)
– 26:00 – News events and stop losses
– 29:00 – Atlas Line on NQ market
– 33:00 – Atlas Line profit targets and general strategy
– 48:00 – Why it can be good to set the profit target a point or two in front of the original target
– 52:00 – Why trade with a five-minute chart

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