Slow Trading Conditions Using AutoPilot System

AutoPilot Live Automated Trading System

Slow trading conditions occur when there is low market volatility, low trading volume, or when the markets are closed. During these periods, it can be difficult for traders to find profitable opportunities and make money.

Engaging in trading can be both thrilling and profitable, but at the same time, it can also be incredibly stressful, particularly in sluggish market conditions. To alleviate some of the anxiety and chaos that often come with market openings and economic reports, it is recommended to activate the Autopilot trading system at approximately 10:15 AM Eastern Time – New York Time. By using a 1000 Tick chart and a single E-mini S&P Contract, the system can be effectively utilized.

Thankfully, AutoPilot Trading System is one of the many automated trading systems available to assist traders in dealing with sluggish trading situations.

Benefits of AutoPilot Trading during Slow Trading Conditions

  • Focuses on specific periods of the day
  • Designed to hold on to the big moves
  • Designed to limit the time/exposure in each trade
  • Targets and stops can be independently configured
  • Avoids trading unnecessarily
  • Uses break-even to limit losses
  • Compatible with today’s volatile conditions
  • Daily profit loss management option
  • Can be configured to trade other markets
  • Set the amount of time to be in each trade
  • Let the system trade for you or take control
  • Backtested and configured for optimum potential

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