Sifiso Reviews Atlas Line & Floor Traders Secrets Manual

Sifiso purchased the Atlas Line trading software after finding out about us through NinjaTrader. During the last two and half months, Sifiso tested the Atlas Line using a NinjaTrader demo (sim) account. He states “…my experience has been very very positive. There were few losses.” He also purchased the Floor Traders Secrets Manual (also called the X-5) and experienced similar successful results. Sifiso now uses the Atlas Line with a live account, looking forward to a confident career as a day trader.

This week, we’re offering $60 off the Trade Scalper Course by using the coupon code 60TRADESCALPER at checkout. Purchase also includes the Floor Traders Secrets Manual (also called the X-5 course). With the Trade Scalper, you can scalp futures, forex, currencies and financials at any time of the day using one minute charts and stops under six ticks. A recorded, free live training session is also included.

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