See Real-time Signals From Live Webinar

Did you miss the live webinar today? Here’s the full recording. John Paul shows live signals from a variety of his trading systems, including the Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, and Roadmap. He explained what constituted a signal (as much as possible in a public presentation) for some of the methods.

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At 23:32 or so, you’ll see an real-time trading example based on a short signal. Attendees were able to compare their own live charts to John Paul’s to see the decision making, trade placement, and management were reasonable and replicable. If you have been on the fence, wanting to see the signals in live conditions, this trade and other signals in this presentation are some of the best representations we can provide!

Our thought process is that trading is a solitary practice that should be useful to your life and lifestyle. It’s you observing the chart, following a well-defined plan. Yes, other traders and systems are participating in the market. However, their actions, and what we cannot control, is not worth a moment of focus. We don’t let fear of loss become part of the process. Practice helps with this as does sticking to rules that define your trading. If success does not occur and you followed the rules perfectly, there is no reason to blame yourself. Likewise, if you follow the rules and win, by all means, be joyous at your ability to do so and the fruits of your success. Please keep in mind that you will likely return to the charts again and again, so the same approach should be applied.

You may be interested in the 2-in-1 chart setup using just the Trade Scalper. You can set up a 2-Range and a 1-Minute to use on top of one another, as shared. Another variation is a stacked 1-Minute and 5-minute. When two signals match up time-wise (to go Long or Short), then that’s the same trading system providing an additional layer of confirmation. Yes, you could do the same with the Atlas Line.

Thank you to everyone who came and for bringing such great questions!

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