Roll Over Your E-mini Charts In Ninja Trader

Tomorrow, Sep. 7, 2017 remember to roll over your E-mini S&P charts to ES 12-17. September 7 is the rollover day for CME equity index futures. The actual expiration date is Sep. 15, but most roll over on the exact roll date. Some traders prefer to wait until the new contract period has absorbed the majority of the volatility. You can check current volatility levels on this page.

To roll over in NinjaTrader 8, you can follow NinjaTrader’s instructions or ours below.

How to roll over:

1. In NinjaTrader 8’s Control Center, go to Tools > Database Management

2. If you’re looking at these instructions on Sep. 7 or after, you should see that the ES is in the list to roll over. Click the Rollover button.

That’s pretty much all you have to do!

If you have any open charts, make sure they’re set to ES 12-17. Look in the upper-left corner of the chart. If needed, select ES 12-17 by clicking where it says ES 09-17 > Futures > ES 12-17.

See this video for further help:

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