Roadmap: Using Zones to Find Price Continuation Opportunities

Manipulation, filtering trades, avoid getting run over by the big moves…are these thoughts you have while trading? Let’s see how the Roadmap can help. This latest video shows price breaking through a Roadmap zone. When that happens, we feel confident price will continue climbing. And that’s exactly what happened!

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Price closes on the other side of the zone. If price did not do that, or was approaching a Zone line, we’d expect a reversal. So, if you’re in a trade and price begins to approach a Zone line, you may want to exit that trade, as a Zone line represents a potential point of contention or divergent potential–that is, a point where price movement may strongly continue favorably or strongly do the opposite.

Live training and a training video are both included. The training is clear. The method is designed to work by itself or in combination with other systems. It’s important to follow the instructions and use the rules that you’re taught. Are you ready for it?

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