Roadmap + Trade Scalper: Scalping for Winners Using Zones

Today is August 2. We’re looking at the Roadmap software, which you can now get outside of our Mentorship Program. The Roadmap is designed to be a standalone system or can be used in conjunction with other systems. Why use more than one system at a time? To filter out potential bad trades and get confirmation of potentially good trades.

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For example, if using our Trade Scalper and Roadmap together, we can take Trade Scalper trades where the Roadmap says there should be no manipulation. As you can see, that Trade Scalper short signal may have been headed toward a lower Zone. Such Zones can be indicative of reversals. So if you took that short trade, you may have wanted to exit the position as price neared the Zone. See how the Roadmap is also useful for helping you get out of a trade?

The Roadmap has its own signals. You’ll see a great Roadmap short signal. Price did not close on the opposite side of the Zone. Sure enough, price reversed or “bounced” off the Zone, seemingly, and continued to drop heavily. Price soon approached winning territory.

After that, the Roadmap produced a Long signal. Same sort of thing happened, only to the Long side. Price approached a new Zone, bounced off of it, then continued in the reversal direction, indicating a winning move.

The day’s price activity provides yet another clear example of why the Trade Scalper and Roadmap are an excellent combination. The Trade Scalper provides a Long signal. How far should you hold the trade? Does the Roadmap agree? When does the Roadmap say to get out? John Paul covers this. This looks like another winner, providing you got out of the position as price approached Zone A.

If you want the Trade Scalper, Roadmap, and all the rest of our methods in one complete, all-inclusive package with Lifetime Licenses, Mentorship is the way to go.

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