Roadmap Identifies Multiple Reversals During Live Webinar

Did you attend today’s live webinar? Here’s Part 1. See for yourself how effective the Roadmap is to recognize key boundary points. When price approaches one of the zones, we can expect a reversal. If price closes a certain way beyond it, we can expect a continuation in the same direction. You can position your stop losses near the zone area to get you out of a trade before price reaches one of these areas of contention. The Roadmap also provides its own signals (via arrows) to clearly demarcate entry positions.

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Why does the market often behave this way? What does the Roadmap “know” about price action? The Roadmap is based on key manipulation values. Manipulation often happens in a specific pattern and the Roadmap “knows” how to identify these patterns.

For a great example of this, look what happens at 7:30 in this video. Previously, price did not surpass the Zone A Up. Price reversed which often happens and was mentioned earlier. And we see price reversing in a continued direction toward another zone area, Zone A Down. What happens with the Zone A Down? Price reverses yet again with a huge candle!

By watching price unfold around the Roadmap zones, you can get a sense of just how often the markets are manipulated.

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