Recorded Live Automated Trading – 30 min AutoPilot System

Today’s Live Automated Trading Bank Roll – AutoPilot System Daytradetowin

Today the AutoPilot Strategy started the morning placing trades as we watched the system enter and manage the trades automatically. We recorded every trade, and the video is unedited.

I am utilizing an autopilot trading system that takes trades within the first half-hour of the market opening, which is just after 10:15. To ensure I am in sync with the current market trends, I have immediately submitted my settings and synchronized my account.

Before entering any trades, it is crucial to confirm that accounts are set up correctly and aligned with the chart trader for live trading. The first signal I received is a short one, and I will let the system run without editing this video.

DISCLAIMER: Trading is risky, and most day traders lose money. Read the full Risk Disclosure. Within half hour of trades, the system was up to over $1,000. It gave back some profit on a losing trade but made it back on the next opportunity.

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