Recent Buy & Sell Signals From Atlas Line Trading System

Want to see the latest Atlas Line signals? Here’s a review video…

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For people new to DayTradeToWin, the Atlas Line software plugs into the NinjaTrader charting software as an indicator. After the Atlas Line is applied, its signals appear throughout the day. It provides multiple types of signals: Long and Short with specific entry prices as well as Pullback (P) and Strength (S), that appear as long or short. We like to see a Long signal followed by price going up. Likewise, we like to see a Short signal with price going down soon after.

Know this, can you see how the signals were good for today, Oct. 30? We are using an E-mini S&P 500 chart; the ES 12-20 instrument within NinjaTrader. Look at how price went up after the Long signal. Look at how price dropped after the Short signal. Then we can see how price continued to fall accompanied by winning P and S signals.

Once you see a signal, do you blindly place a trade without considering volatility or other risk? No, of course not. The ATR (Average True Range) is used as a means to assess current market conditions and scale one’s profit target (win goal) and stop loss (risk or loss safety net). What values do you use? This is taught in the customer training video included with purchase. We also include a live training session with purchase.

Later in the video, you’ll see yesterday’s signals. Yesterday was a big “up day,” which the Atlas Line recognized with winning signals.

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