Price Action Signal Review: Roadmap & Trade Scalper

Here is a review of the prior two days of signals from two of our trading systems: the Roadmap and Trade Scalper. Long story short: there were an abundance of winning signals. Yes, you can use one system with another or use each standalone.

The first of these two videos shows eight winning signals from the Trade Scalper in just one day, in just one period: the morning. Why the morning? That’s when the E-mini S&P 500 is best traded, according to John Paul, the founder of DayTradeToWin. Do you need to take all eight trades? No, you can take the trades that you find are the most comfortable.

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Once the Trade Scalper is applied to your live futures chart, you should see signals when the price action produces a certain pattern. You do not need to be concerned with the pattern. The software takes care of recognizing that pattern and displaying an entry signal, either short or long, immediately after the pattern occurs. You will know what to do when a signal occurs because the training video and live training explain what you need to know.

The Roadmap is another method based on price action that has been made into a signal system. The Roadmap uses an entirely different approach, focusing on manipulation and longer-term trades as compared to the Trade Scalper. Manipulation refers to certain pattern that can occur and is known to a select few day traders in the world.

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Since the Roadmap pattern has been coded into a trading indicator, you do not need to know the pattern. Instead, you can follow the signals according to what you are taught in the included training video and live training.

By the conclusion of this video, you will see there were two winning trades. That comes out to nearly six points, providing you got in and out at the right time and used the ATR (Average True Range) as taught. Do you need more trades than this? That’s a question only you can answer. Some traders would be content with just the Roadmap. Other trades may also want to use the Trade Scalper or combine both methods to filter potential losers and confirm potential winners.

The reason why we provide all of these methods is because we believe that using more than one trading method is a good idea. After all, have you heard that hearing from more than one physician is sound advice?

Well, with price action, we believe certain patterns occur that lead to an expected outcome with some degree of probability that makes the patterns worth trading. And when there is crossover/consistency with two or more methods, we feel the trade is better to take.

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