Performance Recap: Atlas Line and Trade Scalper Review

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Here’s a review of today’s Atlas Line and Trade Scalper signals. First, we look at the Trade Scalper on a 2-Range E-mini S&P 500 (ES) chart.

Unfamiliar with a “2-Range” chart? It’s simply a different way of looking at price activity on a chart where each candle represents two (2) ticks, or .5 points. For example, you can see that all of the candle (aka bar) heights are the same (two ticks long). A 2-Range chart lets us see price patterns differently and this is helpful with the Trade Scalper strategy.

The text that you see, Long and Short, are the Trade Scalper signals. The first two signals are Long. Both would have been successful, according to John Paul. You can also see an example of a losing trade.

At 1:00 in, take a look at the Atlas Line performance on the Micro E-mini Futures (MES) market. More Long trades here. Many traders like to use the Atlas Line and the Trade Scalper together to find more opportunities and filter out potential losing trades. We like to think that when both methods say, “Go Long” or “Go Short,” we stand a better chance at winning. The small S and P (not related to the S&P of E-mini S&P) represent Strength and Pullback trades. These are additional Long or Short signals. They’re color-coded, so the anticipated market direction (up or down) is indicated.

Keep watching the video to see performance reviews for prior days.

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