Over 90% Accuracy Trading Futures? See These Signals

What a day today was with over 90% winning Trade Scalper signals. Watch this video to see about 13 signals, both long and short, for the day. Will every day be like this? No. However, John Paul is optimistic about the performance.

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Want to see how a signal unfolds in real-time? At about 2:05, you will see a short signal appear. The follow candle moves down far enough to reach the projected profit target. When scalping, we want to see an instant move in the desired direction. Avoid holding trades for too long. Follow the rules that you’re taught with the course.

What’s next? Waiting for the next signal unless you’re done trading for the day. It’s important to avoid over-trading. It can be tempting to take many scalping trades, so it may be wise to use a daily loss or win limit.

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