New to TradingView? Crush It with Roadmap Indicator! ๐Ÿš€

Welcome, Traders! Today, let’s delve into the exciting world of trade analysis with the latest addition to the TradingView charting platform – the Roadmap Software. This innovative tool incorporates features like targets and stops directly into the software, revolutionizing how traders navigate the markets.

However, before we dive in, it’s crucial to remember the inherent risks associated with trading. Never invest funds you cannot afford to lose.

Understanding the Roadmap Indicator

The Roadmap Indicator operates based on predefined zones on the chart. These zones signify potential turning points in the market. When the market interacts with these zones, either by bouncing off or breaking through them, it triggers signals for potential trades.

Long Trades:

  • When the market hits a designated zone and shows signs of reversal, the Roadmap Software indicates a potential long trade.
  • A yellow signal appears on the chart, signaling the setup for a trade.
  • The purple line represents the profit target, while the pink line indicates the stop-loss level.
  • Traders are advised to exit the trade if the market fails to reach the target within a reasonable timeframe.

Short Trades:

  • Conversely, when the market breaks through a designated zone, signaling a potential downtrend, the Roadmap Software prompts a short trade.
  • Similar to long trades, yellow signals indicate setup bars, while the purple line represents the target and the pink line denotes the stop-loss.

Live Demonstration

To provide a clearer understanding, let’s explore a live example. As the market unfolds, the Roadmap Software dynamically adjusts to reflect potential trade opportunities.

  • When the market lands in a zone, traders wait for confirmation of the direction.
  • Yellow signals indicate potential entry points, with clear target and stop-loss levels.
  • Whether the market continues its trajectory or reverses, the Roadmap Software adapts, offering actionable insights for traders.


The Roadmap Software on TradingView empowers traders with a comprehensive approach to trade analysis. By integrating targets and stops directly into the charting platform, it streamlines the decision-making process and enhances trading efficiency.

If you’re eager to explore the Roadmap Software further, it’s available for NinjaTrader and TradingView platforms. Additionally, consider joining our Accelerated Mentorship Plus program at for in-depth training and live classes.

Remember, successful trading requires diligence, patience, and continuous learning. Until next time, happy trading!

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