Multiple Ways to Manage Risk and Reward Using Atlas Line

Get the Atlas Line signals on your chart

When adding the Atlas Line to the chart, you won’t see anything displayed until specific conditions are met. Eventually, you will see a dashed line begin to grow, most often at a diagonal angle. In the included live training, you’ll learn exactly when to expect the line to appear along with entry prices. In this video, you’ll see a Long signal when price hits 2152.75. This signal occurred because of the two close bars above the Atlas Line. The second close occurred at the 2152.75 price, so that’s the entry.

An important part of trading the Atlas Line is understanding and avoiding risk. Before entering a trade, John Paul looks for overbought or oversold conditions. He gauges this via the distance between the Atlas Line and position of recent candles. A greater distance implies greater risk. At about 2:10 here, you can see how this trade is riskier because of the distance. Another risk factor is news events. Always check a news calendar for high-priority events and when the Fed Chair speaks. Planned and unplanned news events can cause sudden, drastic changes to volatility that increase risk. Not every trade will be a winning trade. Some will result in a small win, breakeven, a small loss, or a large loss. In any case, with the Atlas Line, you are not guessing. It’s telling you exactly when to enter and it’s up to you to place the trade if the remaining risk factors are reasonably acceptable. Markets often revisit previously reached price levels.

Later on, the Atlas Line produced a Strength Trade, signified by the small letter S that appears below the candles. Since the direction is long, the rules say that future trades will be on the long side. Pullback trades are also possible, and these too have exact rules.

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