Live Trading Webinar from Today – ES, 6E Using Price Action

Here’s the webinar recording from earlier today (10:00 a.m. US/Eastern).

In this webinar, John Paul used live charts to demonstrate the accurate entry signals produced by the Atlas Line. Real, live profitable setups were automatically identified using the software, thus resulting in Short entry signals (1264 on the ES and 1.2811 on the 6E). Yesterday’s activity was also reviewed, with two strong trades – a long and a short, brought Atlas Line users well into profit territory. A few attendees asked about overnight trading, popular among international traders. Yes, the Atlas Line performs well overnight – last night’s activity produced a Short signal with plenty of Strength and Pullback trades to rack up the points. Trading Forex is also possible with the Atlas Line, providing you have 24-hour data. The futures and forex versions are always nearly identical in terms of price action. Trading your favorite markets along with the Strength, Bounce and Pullback trades are taught in the live training that’s included with purchase of the 6-Month or lifetime Atlas Line.

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