January Effect Predicts Economy Will Crash in 2022

It’s astonishing what the January Effect is saying about what will happen in 2022.

Well, here we are, the 20th of January, 2022. Every year at DayTradeToWin, we take a look at the January Effect. It’s a quick price action analysis that tells us whether we should expect the remainder of the year to be an “up year.”

We’re not at the end of the month, but the way January 2022 looks, we can say with some confidence that 2022 *will not* be an up year according to the January Effect. So far, the month of January is down bigtime. Pull open an E-mini S&P 500 daily chart and see for yourself. Alternatively, watch the video below to hear John Paul’s quick observations.

For the last five or so years, the January Effect has said, “this year will be an up year.” And it’s been correct every time. This is why we’re surprised about 2022. It’s a clear break in the pattern…

So, if the prediction is correct in 2022, what’s going to happen? We should be major drops in price. But, as you know, these things just don’t happen. There’s always a story attached to them. For big falls, there has to be something to blame.

For that reason, let’s talk about the news of the last couple of years.

There’s been all of this weirdness going on for a long time. What was once conspiracy theory became reality in 2020 and 2021. There are far more “sides” than two in just about any scenario, but it often seems like tunnel vision is encouraged. However you feel about the pandemic, if you’ve been following the official guidelines, you’ve got to admit there were many shifting advisories. Many people are fatigued in more ways than one.

Yet, despite the societal turbulence, the pharmaceutical companies saw record profits. Despite many folks around the world experiencing shortages and employment issues, the markets continued to rise.

Considering this, and factoring in how much we discuss the markets being manipulated, is the January Effect for 2022 a sign that a big “manipulation” is underway?

If the goal is to push people toward a “Great Reset” agenda—whatever that means (and there is no reason to believe it will be successful)—perhaps that involves introducing disturbances in the way economies are managed so that a transition to “something new” becomes more appealing or “necessary.” The engineered destabilization of an environment causes people to more readily accept just about anything, whether that is a new leader, new territorial boundaries, or reduced freedoms, has been a common move in the tyrannical playbook within the annals of history. You see, the fear and uncertainty that comes from destabilization is often so blinding to the average person, he will not look beyond his immediate worries. Maybe subsciously, a protective mechanism kicks in to prevent strong feelings of hopeless. And for some very honest people, the idea of a rampaging power-hungry “world shadow elite” who intentionally create struggle and fear throughout the world through governments is unthinkable.

What do you think?

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