Is Good Friday (Mar. 30) a Trading Holiday?

Will the markets be closed for Good Friday, March 30? Yes, the CME calendar indicates the E-mini S&P and other popular equity products will be closed in observance.

Here’s how it will work:

• Markets close at the regular time on Thursday, March 29

• Markets remain closed for March 30 (Good Friday)

• Markets re-open at the regular time on Sunday, April 1

Aside from equity products, FX, Bitcoin, Energy, Metals, and other markets are also closed on March 30. Again, check the link to the CME calendar above.

Be more careful trading on March 29, as the day before a three-day weekend can have slower activity. However, with the fast E-mini S&P market lately, that may be a good thing!

Our support team is still encountering a number of traders who are still using the old ES 03-18 contract. Please roll your contracts over to ES 06-18. The 03-18 expired earlier in March and you may no longer see live price activity in NinjaTrader.

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