Identify Slow Market Conditions Using the ATR

This video will show you how to objectively determine whether a market’s activity is too slow to trade. In less than seven minutes, John Paul will set you straight on when to “stay out” based on ATR (Average True Range). Using the correct ATR parameters along with value ranges, you can quickly assess an instrument’s tradeability. The E-Mini S&P has been relatively slow within the last month, with the ATR less than 1.5 points during morning trading hours. In the afternoon, the ATR often drops to three ticks. This video also shows John using the ATR with Euro Currency Futures, providing exact values to look for when seeking optimal trading conditions. Being a consistently successful day trader requires that you know how to reduce risk. Further training is available to Group Mentorship students. Sign up for the next eight week session today. Lessons begin Monday, February 13.

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