How to Get NinjaTrader 24-Hour Live Data

The video below is a two-part video. The first part shows how the Crude Oil market was on fire today and how well the Atlas Line performed. The second part of the video shows you how to set up 24 hour data; a question that’s been repeatedly asked of John.

In part 1 – Atlas Line Says Go Long – Crude Oil (CL) Takes Off, John entered at $100.08 and the Atlas Line never bothered producing another signal. That’s because price was steadily climbing the rest of the morning. John Paul rewinds his chart to show how well the Atlas Line performed in the CL market yesterday. Yesterday’s CL trades were again spot on – a long trade followed by a short when price intersected the Atlas Line. It’s very difficult to find a trading method or software that can work across all markets. The Atlas Line is the exception to the rule.

In part 2 – How to Enabled 24 Hour Data (NinjaTrader), John shows traders how to go from pit session data to full 24 hour data. If you’re using the Atlas Line, you’ll need to enable 24 hour data. This 24 hour data tutorial is specific to NinjaTrader, but other software supported by the Atlas Line like eSignal and TradeStation of course offer full-day compatibility. NinjaTrader allows you to save a template so the 24 hour access is instantly applied.


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