Free Download – Get Started Day Trading Guide (PDF)

» Download Get Started Day Trading Guide (PDF) «

For all the traders out there this Valentine’s day, we present to you a gift of love! The Get Started Day Trading Guide is entirely free. In just a few pages, you’ll be up and running with the NinjaTrader 7 platform, see live candles plot on your chart, and understand the basics of trading. We highly recommend that you read this, as it covers the most common questions about day trading that we’re asked at Day Trade To Win.

Here’s what’s included:
• NinjaTrader download link and demo license key
• How to set up a paper trading account with NinjaTrader
• Requirements for day trading (computer speed, broker account size, fees, etc.)
• Setting up your charts the way we recommend
• Navigating charts, scrolling through history and the axis
• Understanding price bars and tick increments
• Saving your trading setup
• The best way to begin trading for profit

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