Expect a Bear Market in 2023, Traders Predict Recession

Is a Bear Market in 2023 coming? From the analytics, we may see the market drop and consider it a recession/bear market. This video explains why and what to look for in January.

Digging deeper, inflation and interest rates are at the core of the problem. Looking at history is one measure of analysis. In the video, John Paul focuses on the prior years and isolates January’s first week.

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon

John Paul is not alone. JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon recently interviewed on Face the Nation, warns of a “mild recession in 2023.”

January 2023 will be the catalyst. Expect the first few days, weeks, and even the month of January to be a bearish outcome. Traders may be able to take advantage of this by short-selling futures and stocks.

One of the methods taught at Daytradetowin.com is the January Effect. This method, among others, is included in the Accelerated Mentorship Program. You can learn more about what’s included by visiting this Mentorship Page.

Job losses are also a big issue.

Job losses are also a big issue, says Citigroup. The group said in its latest outlook report published this week that the economy could lose an estimated 2 million jobs in 2023 as the jobless rate climbs to 5.25%. 

Summer rally may turn into a bear trap, proceed with caution

With all this negative news, there is a silver lining. Daytraders can take advantage of the volatility if the market goes up or down. Using software like the Roadmap or Atlas Line greatly increases the understanding of when to buy or sell for the day. Day traders may have an advantage after all.

Trading Tools to Use

Using tools like the Roadmap or Atlas Line for day traders will be crucial when the time comes. Get ready. It’s going to be a wild ride.

• Will January be Long or Short?

• How fast /volatile will the market move?

• ATR will help guide us for targets and stops.

• Trending days will be HUGE.

• Trailing stops will amplify & protect trades.

The markets will become more volatile, which can help or hurt depending on what you do next.

Trading needs to be responsible and balanced, and that’s exactly what my training does. See my Accelerated Mentorship program here

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