Euro Currency Trading – 8 Contracts, $800 Using Power Price Action

John Paul demonstrates the effectiveness of the Power Price Action method for trading the Euro (6E) currency market. Using nothing but this proprietary price action method, we spotted the PPA setup and traded it according to course rules. No indicators were used to detect the setup, dictate the entry, exit or stop loss. Watch the video to see the setup go in John’s favor in real-time.

The Power Price Action method works on nearly all indices, Forex markets, and futures. Unlike other Day Trade to Win day trading courses, the PPA course is DVD-based. Instruction is spread across four DVDs. Additionally, John Paul mentors PPA students for eight weeks, ensuring the method is fully understood / used correctly. Since this is a price action trading method, it can be used with all platforms including NinjaTrader, TradeStation, MetaTrader, eSignal, thinkorswim, etc.

We try to keep the Power Price Action results tables updated as much as possible.


  • Josh Solomon says:

    I have been looking to learn Day Trading for about 3 years now and this is quite the eye opener! I saw your results on your website and your videos are very good. The best part is the training for 8 weeks I learn the best from a teacher to sit and show me.

  • barak says:

    i’m just not able to make any good headway or consistency with using indicators and dont know how other traders bare w it.

  • barak says:

    i was told that the minimum capital to trade 1 contract is 5k… if u think that’s untrue or have a different idea let me know plz

  • lewis says:

    hey jp- lewis from ca here… this power price action method looks powerful! as you recall i already have the ato method and love it so considering this too as this will allow me to trade price action on any market and comes with the 8 week training i’ll get back to you in a couple of days

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