Best Live Trades for Today: E-mini S&P 500

Here’s a video showing real-time trades as they occurred today on a 1-Minute ES 09-20 (E-mini S&P 500) chart using our Atlas Line and Trade Scalper software. We focused on signals that occurred around a half-hour after market open, so 10:00 a.m. or so US/Eastern. The first signal that appeared was a Long Atlas Line Pullback trade. The small, green P text and doorbell sound are entry alerts. John Paul missed the Long Trade Scalper trade, but an Atlas Line trade in the same direction was another opportunity with a confirmed bullish direction.

The pivot stop technique was in play. Time, catastrophic stop are also available, should conditions change against the profit target and existing stop loss. Within a few candles, price eventually passed through the profit target, resulting in a nice +1.75 point winner.

The entry and exit (profit or loss) is easily seen when text and marker is enabled on the chart, though many trades can result in clutter, so enabling this feature is best left up to you.

The next signal appears at 3:50 in the video. This happens to be a Long Trade Scalper signal. John Paul places a trade accordingly, hoping to get filled at the signal price of 3218.75 via an MIT order. An Atlas Line Strength trade, also to the Long side, appears right after, so that serves as confirmation. Though he was not filled and he did not take the Strength trade, both indicators were correct in their prediction of price direction. Remember, we don’t like to chase trades (unless you’re following the ATO 2 tracing rules).

Jump to 5:25 if you want to see the next signal. That Trade Scalper trade is filled and hits the profit target very quickly. That’s what scalping is all about!

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