Two Videos: ATO 2 & Atlas Line Trade + January Effect 2018 Review

Here’s another example of how the ATO 2 and Atlas Line work well together. They both agreed the E-mini’s price would rise. The long signals occurred around 10 a.m. EDT. The prediction was correct. The online training video and live training explain how to interpret the signals and time your trades correctly. Remember that the ATO 2 and Atlas Line are normally sold separately. Our eight-week Mentorship Program (next class begins Aug. 14) includes all courses and software. Mentorhip is the best way to get everything in one complete package.

This video also covers indicator installation. We’ve discussed this in previous videos. By the way, we provide our clients with remote support to help with such installation. It’s a good idea to keep the indicator .zip files around after they’re installed. If you get a new computer or need to restore your current one, using existing files is faster than our (already fast) customer support.

Have you been following the January Effect in 2018? We posted a video earlier in the year. Since April, we’ve seen E-mini price rise overall. This has provided swing trading opportunities. Most of the time, we focus on intraday trading. If your trading account can handle positions held through multiple days, review the strategy. Note that price needs to surpass the 50% level to prove the market is ready. The Fibonacci tool in NinjaTrader (and possibly other platforms) can be configured to only draw 0%, 50%, and 100% levels. We use the tool to determine the halfway point between two price values. If your platform has a measure or line tool, that may work, too. Once you get in above the 50% level, the idea is to ride the price up and get out with profit. In some cases, we’ve seen how the January Effect, especially using a daily chart, may give us an indication of the day is expected to trend or not. Of course, nothing is guaranteed.

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