Atlas Line Performance on May 22, 2012

Do you know when to go long and short? The Atlas Line tells you the direction you should trade along with entry prices. The May 22, 2012 ES (E-Mini) price activity perfectly demonstrated why the Atlas Line is leagues above other trading tools. Notice the early Long signal and multiple entries taken in the Long direction. When price eventually intersected the Atlas Line, a Short signal was produced. This occurred multiple times, each resulting in a signal. The move down was strong and sudden, resulting in profitable trades for those heeding the Atlas Line’s advice. At about 1:10, John shows a recording of the live trades taken to the long side shortly after market open.

In the Private Mentorship Program, the Atlas Line is included and taught along with all of our other methods. A new session of Group Private Mentorship begins in June. Now is the time to reserve your seat or attend a lesson to get a feel for what the live training program is like. Only those who are serious about improving trading should apply, as the training is an all-inclusive, eight week program.


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