Are You Picking Tops and Bottoms? Use Price Action.

Generally, picking tops and bottoms (highs and lows) is not the best way to trade. However, you can learn how to identify Yo-Yo Bars to help your trading.

In the video, you’ll see a group of candles representing a period where price “tried and failed” to reach higher levels. Price kept hitting an invisible ceiling for 35+ minutes. Price eventually went higher, but you probably would not have stuck around with an open position for that long. A single candle is not enough to identify such periods! After the Atlas Line Short (sell) signal, you’ll notice another Yo-Yo Bar grouping. Only here, price fails to go lower.

Throughout, a number of nice Strength (S) and Pullback (P) trades are sprinkled in. These signals belong to the Atlas Line, a price action signal software that provides a line that grows throughout the day. Its many signals appear based on how price “decides” to move around the line. For example, two closing candles above the line will produce a Long (buy) signal. Two closing signals below produce a Short (sell) signal. We teach you the Strength and Pullback signals in the member-only training video and live instruction.

The video concludes with another example of stalled bullish activity. You could easily draw a horizontal line across the common highest price value reached among many candles. Yes, you could look for a long opportunity once price surpasses (and closes beyond) a Yo-Yo Barrier. However, it’s best to navigate new price territory in the company of one or more trading systems/signals. Purchase one of our trading courses or software today and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

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