Are You a Setup Trader?

What type of trader are you?  I was asked this question recently and the first answer that came to mind was “I’m a setup trader.”  Now this phrase may be confusing, but it really explains how I look at trading the markets.  I teach traders how to identify specific setups in order to validate trades.  If the setup validates, then we enter the market.  Price has to prove itself in an exact pattern before we consider taking an exact trade with exact rules.   How we proceed to manage the trade is equally important.  At any given moment, I’m watching price as it plots to see if the pattern matches the rules of the Roadmap Trade, Blueprint Trade, Atlas Line, or any other of my price action trading methods.  By having a how, when and why behind each trade, we’re much better off.

Those of you joining me for the next eight week Private Mentorship Program starting on March 22, 2012 will learn 11 unique methods of trading price action.  By looking at my live charts during each training session, spotting these setups will become second nature.   The first week of training discusses the ATO (At the Open), and like all other courses offered on Day Trade to Win, is included and taught in full detail.  Another method learned in later weeks is the Roadmap Trade (available only in Private Mentorship).  The Roadmap shows exactly where market manipulation occurs and therefore provides a filtering strategy that works with all other methods in the Mentorship Program.

If you would like to attend this new Group Mentorship Class, it’s not too late.  Alternatively, one-on-one lessons are also available for individuals with demanding schedules.


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