A 50-Point Move Worth $2,500? Here’s My Opinion…

Here’s my ongoing market analysis as of today, Tuesday, Sep. 6…

As I’ve established in my other videos, I have been correct in predicting the large move down that has occurred. And indeed, the market is continuing to go lower.

My current prediction is that the market “needs” to go another 100+ to 200 points below current levels before we see any significant, prolonged move up or support.

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The first chart you’re going to see is an intraday 5-Minute chart. Yes, the market took a big nosedive this morning. I show a daily chart later, so you can get a sense of the larger, unfolding picture.

You’ll see many Trade Scalper short winners and a long, respectively. The Atlas Line agrees, providing winning short signals of its own.

Although the Trade Scalper long trade was a winner, you could have filtered it out per the recommended use of the Atlas Line to ignore Long signals of other systems when price is below the Atlas Line.

We like using multiple systems to confirm potentially winning trades and filter out potential losing trades.

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