8+ Signals & Many Atlas Line Winners

Here’s an end-of-day Atlas Line trading video for Oct. 5, 2021. We’ll look at the first signal of the day, a Long that appeared around 9:53 a.m. US/Eastern. Price moved up nicely afterwards, didn’t it? The normal 5-Minute chart was too volatile according to how we use the ATR (Average True Range). Why was it too volatile? The value was beyond 5 points. That’s when we switch to a 1-Minute chart. Doing so, the ATR also steps down in value and the market becomes more reasonable for our style of trading.

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In all, the market moved about 4.5 points up after that signal. But what happened later? We see groups of S (Strength) and P (Pullback) signals giving more long (buying) opportunities throughout the upward trend. Seven groups of additional signals! What a great day for trading. Note how the signals stopped when the market become a channel later in the day.

As you can see, the Atlas Line is capable of producing many signals per day. It can be used for relatively short-term trading. In addition, it can be coupled with other trading methods. The Atlas Line’s dashed line can be used to recognize the potential for an overall trend or whether the bias should be for taking long or short trades. Such a bias may be useful in conjunction with other signal-based systems.

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