3 Winning Signals Using Price Action

We only trade using price action. Over the years, our experience has shown us price action is the best way to trade the markets. That’s why we’ve been around for over 10 years teaching people how to trade price action.

We have a brand new video for you. First, you’ll see our Atlas Line software – it plugs right into the chart and provides signals to buy or sell the market. A buy signal is shown as “Long” followed by the recommended entry price. Similarly, a short signal appears as “Short” followed by the entry price. Remember, it’s not always possible to get in at the entry price. Price fluctuations occur constantly. In trading, you have to be willing, psychologically and monetarily, to allow for imperfect conditions. You won’t always get what you want. That’s okay – as the profit target of the Atlas Line is positioned far enough away to allow for a reasonable profit, should the trade work in your favor.

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What about the Trade Scalper signals? Jump to 1:00 in the video. You’ll see three winning signal in a row as of the time of the recording. Again, the Trade Scalper is also based on price action. The signals are similar in appearance to the Atlas Line, but the actual method is far different. With purchase, you’ll get a training video, live training, and email support for your trading questions.

Some traders like to use the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper on the same chart. It’s possible to trade signals from both as well as use the Atlas Line to filter or confirm Trade Scalper signals.

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