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When it comes to going long or short during breakouts, the Atlas Line can be very helpful. Notice where the Dbl Bar Short entry at 1923.75 occurred in relation to the later breakout price action. The short entry occurred after the market pulled back a little bit. The candle that candle prior to the 1923.75 entry candle is the low. Markets love to test where they’ve previously been. Instead of going long or short after a big move occurs, it’s better jump in early right after a small pullback. In this scenario, price was on its way down to test the low, and proceeded to pass through it, into profit territory as guided by the Atlas Line signal. The closing price of the second bar below the Atlas Line is what decided the direction and price for the signal. Remember that you can get the same exact signals on your NinjaTrader charts. Click the blue link above to find out more.

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