Here’s the live E-mini signals for today using a couple of our proprietary indicators, the Atlas Line and ATO 2. The first signal shown is an Atlas Line long signal at 2442.75. All traders who use the Atlas Line receive the same signals. The same is true for the ATO 2. The strategies are very different, but as you can see, work very nicely together.

The ATO 2 produced a long signal at 2443 followed by an ATO 2 Trade Chaser signal (ATO-C) at 2447.75. Later, you can see how this trade worked in real-time. Coincidentally, Atlas Line Strength trades appeared around the ATO-C signal. The market was a little slower than normal today. According to the ATR profit-taking rules, price is allowing for about six ticks of profit. NinjaTrader 8’s ATM Strategy feature automatically places profit targets and stop values. Notice the pink/red STP and blue/green LMT values on the chart. Traders who feel pressured to quickly calculate these values should definitely use ATM Strategies.

The ATO 2 is based on the initial push that occurs when the trading day begins. We’re not looking at typical indicators like stochastics, Bollinger Bands, or moving averages. The ATO 2 is suitable for both futures and currencies. The Atlas Line is used by traders for its signals and to filter other strategies. It provides an indication of expected market direction.

In Mentorship, we go over how multiple signals like these can work together to provide a better indication of an upcoming move. It’s always important to trade based on evidence.

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