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Here’s an E-mini trade from January 5, 2017 using the Atlas Line. There’s a Dbl Bar Short signal at 2264. This is telling you to sell the market and the price you hope to get in at. This type of signal always appears when two bars plot below the Atlas Line. If there were two consecutive bars above, a Dbl Bar Long signal would have appeared. When John Paul placed his live trade, he got in a tick above at 2264.25. This value is indicated on the DOM in a gold / light brown color. The profit target and stop loss need to be relative to current market conditions. That means every trade’s profit target and stop should be reasonably reachable. A very small stop loss should be avoided because it’s easy to get stopped out during normal fluctuations while waiting for the profit target to get hit. Generally, think of using a larger profit target when the market is faster and a smaller one during slower activity. For this trade, real-time market conditions dictated the the profit target to be 2263. By calculating the difference between the entry and the profit target, if the profit target is hit, the trade is worth 1.25 points. In the E-mini, remember that each point is worth $50 and each tick is worth $12.5. So if you’re trading one contract, at profit this trade would be worth $62.5. That doesn’t seem like much, but that’s a good amount considering the Atlas Line can produce multiple opportunities every date and the longest you’ll be in a trade is 20 min. That said, broker commission fees and other possible trading fees may apply.

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