Here’s the long awaited webinar recording from earlier this month where John Paul demonstrated the Atlas Line working LIVE on multiple markets:

The video starts of with emini trading and an explanation of the order signals generated by the Atlas Line. Similar price action is found in the Euro (6E), with a trade worth 16 ticks. The green line plotted on the bottom of the NinjaTrader chart is the ATR (Average True Range). The ATR is used as a precise reference to indicate how much profit can be made (your profit targets) and when a trade should be exited. The Atlas Line has configurable parameters. You can change the color of the line and toggle the visibility of the trade setups it recognizes (such as Bounce Trades). No optimization or advanced configuration is required. It’s true “set and forget” trading software. We usually recommend trading with 5-min charts, but other time frames can be used (the same order signals are given for 3-minute charts, as demonstrated). Also, the software works for overnight training. Other markets shown in the live webinar are the FDAX, Mini-Russell 2000 (TF), Crude Light (CL), and the Australian Dollar (6A). John takes questions from spectators so keep watching if your question is unanswered. You can also email for more details or check out the Atlas Line page.

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  1. Hey! I took the Dbl Bar Short this morning and made my quick profit for the day… which I would have found you guys before I lost all my time and money to inconsistent day-trading. Now I trade in the mornings and can enjoy the rest of my day! Thanks again daytradetowin
    Manny from TX

  2. im inrested in using this w morning and night sessions to day trade futures. now im using tradestation

  3. i like what i see! i want to learn how to day trade futures as simply as possible and i see this gives the entries i just go in grab a few and get out, im only looking to make a couple points a day

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