Do you know when to go long and short? The Atlas Line tells you the direction you should trade along with entry prices. The May 22, 2012 ES (E-Mini) price activity perfectly demonstrated why the Atlas Line is leagues above other trading tools. Notice the early Long signal and multiple entries taken in the Long direction. When price eventually intersected the Atlas Line, a Short signal was produced. This occurred multiple times, each resulting in a signal. The move down was strong and sudden, resulting in profitable trades for those heeding the Atlas Line’s advice. At about 1:10, John shows a recording of the live trades taken to the long side shortly after market open.

In the Private Mentorship Program, the Atlas Line is included and taught along with all of our other methods. A new session of Group Private Mentorship begins in June. Now is the time to reserve your seat or attend a lesson to get a feel for what the live training program is like. Only those who are serious about improving trading should apply, as the training is an all-inclusive, eight week program.

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  1. no i dont know when to go long or short and it kills me every time because i’m full of doubt and my trading has no confidence… i wish i did though. it would improve my day trading considerably!!!

    1. Let me suggest reviewing a few videos which outlines the direction of long or short by price itself being above or below the Atlas Line. Then you can buy or sell with more confidence.

  2. Hi John
    I have been watching your videos and I am very interested in your price action coarse. I am a commodities trader and I have heard you say that this system works with futures accounts. Although I normally only trade things like grains and softs, I am very interested in trading the S&P emini with your system along with the other markets. My question is – does the platform that we watch you trade on, come with your system? I really like how your set up with entry, target and stop on the right hand side all in one area that is easy to see and know exactly where you are at the moment. And if I purchase your system will I have to purchase any other platform to use it? Right now my futures account is with RJ Obrien and I just go to their site and trade.
    thank you

    1. HI Scott. The charting platform i use is called Ninja Trader. Its free to use and includes live data. You only have to pay for it (monthly or one time fee) when you connect it to your broker. If you need help getting a free copy let let me know and I’ll point you in the right direction. The methods i teach are price action, and can be traded on any platform. The Atlas Line software is only available for Ninja Trader, TradeStation, and E-Signal. The charting platform ninja trader is downloaded separately.

  3. i signed up yesterday to get invited to live trading webinar hopefully with the change in website you guys still have my info stored to send me

  4. been using the atlas line but my license for 6 months is about to expire so i will like to upgrade to lifetime from your website i assume still with these recent changes will do that today

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