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Here’s a live trading video on the ES (E-Mini) for May 21, 2012. John Paul enters the market long at 1310.75 according to the Atlas Line software’s advice – a Strength signal. His profit target is 1 point (4 ticks), as determined by the ATR (Average True Range). In the included live training, you are taught how to manually calculate the Strength and Pullback trades. The automatic signals in this new Atlas Line version make identification even easier. Training also covers software configuration, working out stop losses, and everything else you can think of.

John Paul’s demanding teaching schedule prevented him for taking all of the excellent Atlas Line trades. The original Dbl Bar Long signal at 1299 was good for three points. Six other Strength and Pullback opportunities occurred, resulting in a profitable day for Atlas Line users.

8 Responses

    1. The Atlas Line works on all markets that have 24 hour data, but if you want to know the markets i like best, they are Emini SP, A currency such as Australian Dollar or Euro Currency, Russel even Gold or Crude. I would pick a market that fits with your time zone and your risk tolerance.

  1. Hi John Paul, I like what I`m seeing with the Atlas Line, can the atlas line be applied to the forex market ? and load it onto metatrader4 charts ??


    1. HI Stuart, Yes it works on Forex and all currencies with 24 hour data, but not on the Metatrader 4 platfrom. currently its only available for Ninja Trader, Trader Station, and E-signal.
      Ninja Trader is preferred and free to use with live data as a demo.

  2. i bought the ato [at the open] back in 2010 and am day trading the emini every morning for a few points. i like the atlas line looks very useful, would like to use it as a filter or confirmation of price, to reduce bad trades. very cool day trading method!

  3. The fact that such a versatile method can trade all markets is quite marvelous. i am abroad and trade multiple markets simul… looks like this is for me

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