Today was one of those days where despite the E-mini chopping back and forth a number of times. Despite this often being a problem for most trading systems, the Atlas Line was on point nearly every time. Take a look at the six trades in the screenshot below. As you can see, there are a number of Atlas Line “Short” signals. These are the main signals the software produces. In addition, the small “S” and “P” signals are for Strength and Pullback trades, respectively. Combining all of these Atlas Line signals together, John Paul estimates the winning total at +24 ticks. When trading one E-mini futures contract, all of these trades would have been worth about $300 (excluding broker or other trading fees). If trading two contracts, approximately $600. You get the idea. Keep in mind that this total is ideal – you may have encountered slippage or other factors which may not have resulted in this exact total. Trading is risky, so it’s important that you’re careful with your money. We recommend starting off in simulated mode first to ensure your understanding and working up from there.

NinjaTrader 8 Atlas Line Indicator
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Here’s a video:

One of the most interesting things about the Atlas Line is how price seems to bounce off the diagonal line. That’s why some people say it’s like a support or resistance line, but we tend to disagree. Support and resistance lines tend to be horizontal, and therefore do not have the same implications for trading. And of course, the Atlas Line has a proprietary internal calculation that decides the line placement. Once price breaks through the line and closes twice above or below, a signal is generated. How to use these signals is fully explained in the included live training and online video provided after purchase.

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