We now have a whole new year before us. We expect many opportunities because of increases in volatility we tend to see in January. We also look forward to the end of January in order to determine whether 2018 will be an “up year” according to the January Effect. Take a look at this real-time trading video John Paul captured before the end of 2017.

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On December 28, 2017, the ATO 2 and Atlas Line software running in NinjaTrader 8 both produced short signals for the E-mini S&P market. The first signal (ATO 2) occurred around 9:50 a.m. US/Eastern when the price reached 2685.75. The second signal (Atlas Line) appeared soon after around 10 a.m. US/Eastern when price reached 2685.25. In both instances, the bearish price movement was correctly predicted ahead of time. John Paul applied NinjaTrader’s Chart Trader feature so that you can see the entries. He believes that when using our software, you shouldn’t pick and choose the trades – take what comes first.

In this case, with two short trades, take the first signal (ATO 2 here). After taking the trade, it’s important to keep following the rules. Trade management is important because you can potentially limit your risk and increase profit by using specific profit target and stop loss rules. Generally, our approach to trading is dynamic, meaning we base our decisions on what we think the market can reasonably “do” at a given point in time. As seen in the video, the ATR value was around 1.25 points, which is rather slow for E-mini in the first hour of the trading day. Typically during the last week of the year, the price action is slower. To gauge volatility, we use an ATR with a Period value of four points.

With the purchase of the Atlas Line, ATO 2, Trade Scalper, or Mentorship, we provide you with multiple videos that fully demonstrate how to use our strategies. Remote support is also available on request (at no additional cost) to help with installation and configuration of our software and the trading platform (NinjaTrader).

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