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On June 5, 2013, the Atlas Line produced a short signal at 1626.50 on the close of the candle at 9:55 a.m. US/Eastern. Remember, the rule is two closes above or below the line for an entry signal. You can see how there was a doji that precedes the 9:55 a.m. red candle. With this short signal, John Paul used the ATR to determine his profit target of 2 points. John Paul’s ATR is configured to user a period value of 4 (last four bars) to indicate the Average True Range. His sell order was accepted at 1626.75. Therefore, his profit target is 1624.75 (two points profit to the sell side). With the ATR, you can see how it’s of benefit to base your potential earnings on what the market can realistically produce under real-time market conditions. Our goal is to reach profit as quickly as possible; not hold a trade longer than four bars (or 20 minutes). In this video, the profit target was hit very quickly as the market was at a good level of volatility (the ATR was between 2 and 4). If you take a look at how the rest of June 5 panned out, you’ll see it was mostly a trending day with price staying well below the Atlas Line for numerous short trade opportunities. Remember that live training is included with purchase of the Atlas Line. You’ll learn all of the rules to make trading straightforward and consistent.

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