Stock Market Dynamics under Bond Traders’ Influence

The Treasury sector, with a staggering $25 trillion under its sway, retained its commanding position in the financial market on Thursday. Long-dated yields were once again inching towards 5%, exerting their influence on the equities arena and aiding the resurgence of the greenback, recouping earlier losses from this week. Investors recommenced a fervent sell-off of […]

S&P 500 Futures in Decline: A Rough Start to Premarket Trading

s&p 500

With only two hours before the U.S. stock market opening, Wolfspeed Inc. (WOLF) has experienced a 16.5% rise during the pre-market trading session, while Rivian Automotive Inc. Cl A (RIVN) has seen a 7.2% increase. Simultaneously, RBC Bearings Inc. (RBC), Transocean Ltd. (RIG), and R1 RCM Inc. (RCM) have all witnessed at least a 3% […]

20-Year S&P 500 Journey: The Value of Your $10,000 Investment Today

Beating the market is a challenging task, with only a small group of individuals able to achieve it. It is noteworthy that it is comparatively simpler to outperform the stock market during a downturn. In the year 2021, the stock market saw a growth of 29%, yet 85% of money managers performed worse than the […]

Fed’s Interest Rate Plans Shake the Stock Market: What to Expect Next


The S&P 500 experienced a drop during the week after the Federal Reserve Chair, Jerome Powell, addressed Congress and stated that the members of the Federal Open Market Committee unanimously agreed on raising interest rates by the end of the year. June experienced the biggest decline in the index, ending the weeks of high performance […]

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