Nvidia’s Market-Cap Meltdown: Magnificent Seven Hit Record Losses

This week saw a staggering decline in the market capitalizations of the “Magnificent Seven” stocks, collectively losing $950 billion in market value. Among these, Nvidia took the hardest hit, shedding nearly $300 billion in market cap, surpassing even the entire market value of its rival, Advanced Micro Devices Inc., which stands at $237 billion. Nvidia’s […]

Key Indicators to Determine If the Stock-Market Stumble Will Deepen into a Major Pullback

Market momentum shifted gears as the first quarter concluded with smooth sailing for stock-market enthusiasts, witnessing a streak of record highs for the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average. However, the current narrative is being dictated by the pronounced surge in Treasury yields and oil prices. The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled over 500 […]

Where Are the Big Investors? Exploring the Growing Bullish Case for This Asset Class

As a fresh quarter commences, there’s a slight slowdown in stock momentum compared to premarket activity. After marking its 22nd record high, the S&P 500 wrapped up the first quarter, hinting that a pause might be in the cards. Investors are parsing through remarks from Fed Chair Jerome Powell, who recently stated that he didn’t […]

The Road Ahead: Drawing from History to Anticipate the Next Stock-Market Selloff

A team of investment strategists from Piper Sandler sheds light on the typical triggers behind stock-market corrections, identifying three main culprits: rising unemployment, increasing bond yields, or unexpected global shocks. The recent surge in the S&P 500, up nearly 30% in five months, has even bullish analysts considering the possibility of a “healthy” correction. However, […]

Navigating Today’s Market: Insights from the Top Trades of the Past Five Decades

Early Friday futures trading indicates a positive start for stock indices. The continuation of this optimism into Wall Street’s opening may hinge on labor market data. For equity bulls, a U.S. nonfarm payrolls report showcasing steady job growth and modest wage inflation is the preferred outcome, as it is unlikely to dissuade the Federal Reserve […]

Market on Fire, but Earnings Sound a Note of Warning

The volatility index suggests forthcoming tranquility, yet recent earnings’ impact on individual stocks has been tumultuous. Brace for potential turbulence returning sooner than anticipated. Recent market growth saw the S&P 500 index surge by 5.9%, marking its best week since November 2022. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and Nasdaq Composite also soared by 5.1% and […]

Compare Trades✳️At Market Open Vs. Waiting Half Hour

Is It Worth Trading the Market Open? The AutoPilot Video Shows what Happened! Some say trading the market open is risky, and others prefer volatility. Well, we put this idea to the test with the AutoPilot Trading System placing trades at the open and continuing for two hours after the day session started. Should You […]

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