Smart Money Moves: Why the Fed Model Points to Stocks Crushing Bonds for the Next 10 Years

The S&P 500’s impressive rally may encounter a setback due to Tesla’s disappointing performance, leading to a decline in its premarket shares. Investors await updates from other tech giants in the Magnificent Seven, including Microsoft (MSFT), Alphabet (GOOGL), and Apple (AAPL), next week. Despite this, the tech stock group has shown a robust start to […]

Breaking the Mold: Bold Research Challenges Conventional Wisdom on Target-Date Funds

As we approach the final Federal Reserve meeting of the year, the stock markets continue to reach new record highs. The question lingers: can the Fed sustain this momentum? The answer hinges on the insights provided by Chair Jerome Powell and the dot plot regarding future rate expectations. Steering away from the current financial buzz, […]

Forecasting the Future: Bond Yields and Potential Stock-Market Swings

It’s widely acknowledged that Treasury yields often dictate the rhythm of the stock market. The recent surge in yields took the blame for a market downturn, sending the S&P 500 slipping over 10% from its late July high, settling in correction territory by the end of last month. However, there was a significant reversal last […]

Bond Yields Soaring, Stocks Roaring: What’s the Deal? 💹📈

Treasury yields continued their upward climb on Wednesday, with the 10-year Treasury hitting 4.9% for the first time since 2007, leading to a dip in stock prices. This persistent bond sell-off now threatens the otherwise robust year experienced by equity markets, despite historical trends suggesting a year-end stock rally. As investors shed bonds, prices decline […]

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