Using 2x Systems to Validate and Confirm Trade Entries – A Winning Strategy

Here’s an example of how the Atlas Line and Trade Scalper work together. Why use just one method when adding another can filter and confirm signals? This is one way I maximize performance on a daily basis… Get the Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, or both + more via Accelerated Mentorship Right away, you can see […]

Learn This Easy Stop Loss Strategy to Manage Trading Risk

A big secret to successful trading is knowing when to get out of the trade at profit or loss. Watch this new video to see how we manage Atlas Line and Trade Scalper trades… >> Get the Atlas Line and/or Trade Scalper << We like to hold a trade for a maximum of 4 or […]

Enjoy This Week’s Videos: Many Signals & Winning Opportunities

Have you seen all the trading videos from this week? Here’s a full list… The first video below covers the ABC Method. With the new Accelerated Mentorship Program, you’ll get the ABC Software with a Lifetime License. Yes, you’ll get more much more: Roadmap, Atlas Line, Trade Scalper, Blueprint, ATO 2, and much more. So, […]

2x Charts: See Precise Reversals Using the Roadmap

The Roadmap software has been so well received, I can’t tell you how many emails I’ve received this week about how precise the moves are – especially the reversals. Take a look at these two charts from Thursday and Friday and tell me if you don’t see those 3 perfect short setups at 11:10, 11:30, […]

Signal-based Trading Made Easy With Blueprint Software

Let’s take a look at recent Blueprint performance. The Blueprint can be traded on just about any market: futures, stock, and currencies included. The first signal you’ll see is a BP Short. That means, “Blueprint Short” with an entry at that price. It’s not always possible to get the exact price, but the training teaches […]

Big Moves Today: Atlas Line & Blueprint on Fire!

Yet another day where the Atlas Line is absolutely on fire… Yes, there’s a lot happening in the world; many layered events with a lot of people scratching their heads at what’s really going on behind the scenes. But before we get into that, here’s a video with the Atlas Line signals… >> Get the […]

Trade Scalper & Blueprint Signals: Slow & Steady

Watch our latest video to see seven Trade Scalper signals: five short and two long. These signals appeared on a 1-Minute E-mini S&P 500 chart. If you are running the Trade Scalper software, you will see the same exact signals on your chart for today. >> See all trading courses and software incl. Accelerated Mentorship […]

Missing a Trade & Still Winning Later + Confirming Signals

First, we’re looking at our signals for today’s MNQ (Micro E-mini Nasdaq-100 Index Futures) chart. Yes, many short signals, and this is a good thing. Because price is below the Atlas Line, all short signals are automatically confirmed by the Atlas Line. This means your Blueprint or Trade Scalper signal has the “blessing” from the […]

How to Handle “Sloppy” Holiday Trading Conditions

Right now, we’re between two of the arguably largest holidays of the year: Christmas and New Years. Choppy conditions are often found this time of year. Many whipsaws and sudden reversals. There is much temptation to “chase the market” with its trickery and emotional triggers. John Paul produced this video showing how he handles these […]

Combining 3x Methods: Blueprint, Atlas Line, & Trade Scalper

Today’s first video is a review of six recent Blueprint signals. Three of the signals occurred premarket. Volatility is what determines whether premarket activity is worth trading. At around 1:00 in the video, a real-time Blueprint signal appears. John Paul placed an order and was able to get nicely at a better price. The profit […]

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